Rinonako's Commissions!

Yaho! I'm Rinonako and I'm an unstable styled artist. By unstable, I mean that I don't have a consistent art style and sometimes struggle to replicate old pieces I've done. However, I will try my best to make something you'd be happy to keep looking at!
I stream as much as I can on twitch and often you'll see me arting on there, so keep an eye out!
Now to the nitty gritty of details on the commissions:

Terms of Service??1. I reserve the right to decline any requests.
2. All commissions MUST be paid up front via PayPal.
3. Please do not repost my art unless given WRITTEN permission by myself. If you wish to share my artwork without perms, simply retweet the original post.
4. If you would like to use the art I've drawn for you commercially, extra fees will be required, as well as conversation on how the artwork will be used in such a fashion before agreement. (Commercial Usage Fee may vary between 50-80% depending on the order.)
5. Refunds: There are 3 stages I go through for each piece; sketch, lineart, and color (if specifically ordered as a full illustration). Refunds may be given if cancelled BEFORE the Lineart stage. Once the lineart has been started, refunds may be negotiated depending on the completion of the lineart. If I find to be too far deep in the piece, a refund will not be possible. Anything beyond the completed line art stage will be UNREFUNDABLE.
6. I will not draw: mechs, extreme gore, underaged nsfw, furries.
-Male anatomy is diffucult for me so I prefer female characters.
-I will NOT draw characters smoking or drinking.
7. It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use my art for AI or NFTS. You may NOT put any of my work into a generator, nor can you sell it off! Doing so will result in legal action as well as permanently banning you from requesting my services.
-Again, I don't have a consistent art style, so please don't expect a certain look I've drawn once before.

Discuurd: Rinonako#3753
Twitter: @rinonako98
Instagram: @rinonako98

SketchPriceFlat ColorDetailed ColorExtra peeps
Full Body$40+$10+$20+$60
Waist Up$20+$10+$20+$30
LinedPriceFlat ColorDetailed ColorExtra peeps
Full Body$60+$10+$20+$60
Waist Up$30+$10+$20+$30
Art by Peachy!




Waist up/Thigh Up

Full Body